Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Samsung G8 astro camera

The newer smart phones now have greater control over various camera setting, like ISO, EXP, and more importantly duration. These now mega pixel cameras can show wide field views of the sky.
Like these.

These are approximately 70 x 50 degrees FOV, or a 45 degree radial from the center of the field.
So what is it good for, well I can see omega centauri and stars down to mag 6. It should catch bright satellites and perchance a bright meteor.

The second phase of this project, was to boggee into the phone case a Star Analyzer 100 grating.
Like this,
[ phone case]
To do this,

While still working on getting focus, the results look like this,
[acrux spectrum]
[scorpius spectrun]

So the next steps is,
 to refine focus,
 try out on a guided mount for better noise reduction,

A Quick how to here......

Then figure out how many phones it take to cover the whole sky.
An lastly figure out how to make the phone tweet a picture on a detected brightness change in any FOV. As it could be plane, satellite, or meteor.....the tweeteor project ...8)

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Comet 45P in STEREO HI1A

Here is a different point of view of Comet 45P now passing between Earth and the STEREO HI1A satellite imager....every  body look up and wave....

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Radio Meteors with small equipment ???

listing to a cw wave and hearing varying and intermittent power fluctuations.
 look like this...
sounds like this...
radio pings....across approx one hour

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Rough Dressler Antenna

I have been using an RTL-SDR to listen for meteors and other signals for a while. With just the supplied little stick antenna. A few efforts to make a DISCONE  and a cheap YAGI failed to complete.
So, when I saw this design,( active-wideband-receiver-antenna-for-sdr article) originally built with copper foil. I tried to make one out of 0.5mm sheet aluminium. I added a 20mm fold point on the long end and 50mm tab on the bottom of the short end. The fold helps to lock in the sheet for a good roll on the 80mm inner tube. The tab folds under the tube and lock the bottom section down. A crimp connection can be made using the tab to attached the cable lead.

I tried it only with a connection directly to the RTL-SDR ( NOOOLEC GREEN NANO) which was connected to the PC using an USB powered 5M extension. Signal and noise levels all rose quite a bit. Next to find a good LNA and see if things get any better,

Monday, July 13, 2015


New Horizon will make closest approach in next six hours, so download some of the LORRI images from the JPL web site. And used ImageJ to make some features visible....

Update - 20150715 11:00 am local AEST
New horizons has survived it's flyby of Pluto, now waiting for all the good data to slowly download.
Heading for the home of the comets.......

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Comet Master

This new comet is finally rising in my evening skies. So, a small effort to recorded it from my backyard....A faint tail is seen...


Update 20150519 -  A colorful comet.....