Saturday, June 2, 2012

Venus Transit

Getting ready to have ago at the upcoming Venus Transit, a few days to go. I don't have any suitable solar filters for my telescope or camera, so I have had to resort to the A4 black card and Tracing paper method. Some construction photos  below.

The card box is a bit flimsy so I will need to strengthen it some how. Some basic tests using the DSLR camera out the back. A few sun spots are seen, I hope Venus is a bigger moving dot, magnification may be a problem, but focus seems ok.

Transit Morning, 7:30am the sky is blue but clouds approaching from the west. I had to set the Telescope on the road to get the first part of the transit, luckily I am at the end of a quite court.
My First Detection of Venus, the little notch on the lower edge.

The second contact happens here.
Venus in motion at Second contact.

The clouds seem to be breaking up so I may get a chance at the Third and Fourth contact points.

Rats, the clouds got in the way, also had technical issues with a different camera, a few mid transit images but no third or fourth contacts, May be next time..... 8)