Monday, September 22, 2014

Comet C/2013 V5 Oukaimeden

20140922 - This comet is now much brighter than siding spring comet, and is rising in the evening sky. I am just able to see the comet over the fence, when at 25-15 degrees Alt.

update 20140923 - A very different view of this comet from the other side of the sun. Captured in the STEREO HI1B imager from 20140920. Two tail spikes at right angles.

20140926 -  In STEREO  HI1B images of 20140921, the comet gas/ion tail are dynamically affected by passing solar winds...

20140926 - later this day, here is the comet again from my back yard with EON80mm and Canon 450D , exp60sec iso 800 mono.

A comparison between these two comets.
20141003 - The two comets again, there is a third but I could not find it.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

C2013A1 approaching NGC362

Another effort in the cold of the evening, the dew and cold eventually beat me. The comet approaches as seen in the EON 80mm using DMK51 imager.
C20131A1 and NGC362
Update 20140830 - A much milder evening, not as cold. And as C2013A1 was passing by 47 Tuc and SMC. I had another go . A small image. I can't seem to get much light out of the EON 80 mm so may be  bigger light bucket?
C2013A1 passing by 47 Tuc

Update - 20140905 - This small comet moving along....

Update 20140906  A little bit closer to Mars.....

update 20140927 - Looking for this comet in current STEREO images is proving difficult, I think I have it in this colored scaled crop from HI2B wide fov.