Monday, May 2, 2011

From the ground

Here are a few attempts of imaging the sky using my own equipment. A Standard DLSR and an EQ mounted Orion 80MM EON. The struggle with suburban light polluted skies and polar alignment make things always interesting. I need more time and more Patience, working on both.... These Images are single shot 90sec images with just a little post exposure processing, they would mostly washed with a light red haze with out it.

Eta Carina Nebulae, compare with the older post of GRAS images

M42 in Orion , compare the older post of GRAS images
Centaurus A

Omega Centaurus

The best for last. I was able to spend a night in the country on the Loddon river flood plains in central west Victoria. The recent flood water had mostly gone, my brother had an new duck pond complete with wild ducks. Fishing for carp from the back porch which also turned up as the occasional road kill on the local roads. They were seen crossing the flooded road, Why did the carp cross the road?... no better not.

Still a struggle with polar alignment, but managed these two single shot wild field 5 minute exposures. One of the LMC and the other of the southern cross, coal sack dark nebula and omega Centaurus show as a yellow fuzz ball.